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Music is nothing without SOUL.

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OFFICIALLY part of The Mob!!!

I am quite happy to report that some cool things are happening these days.  One of them is signing a publishing deal with Angry Mob Music Group, a label based in L.A.  I feel that we're in good hands, guys! They are passionate about my music and hopefully that passion will rub off to the most discerning music supervisors out there and transmit positive vibes into the universe to  help me land a stack of Film & TV placements in the near future.  <3 <3 <3

Oz Hiphop Collab

Check out the very first video I have ever appeared in... It's a soul-tinged track by Sydney MC, NJE. It's called "Stop Ruining My High"... It for those people who try to rain on your parade when you're feeling great about yourself. Check out the video! Like it? Please  share it!

"Moody Blues" in a UK TV Show

Great news! "Moody Blues" has been placed in a UK TV comedy. This is a first for little me so I am so excited!... it makes me want to produce another 2000 songs! Thanks to the super talented musos that brought my ideas to life.

The show is called "Drifters" and it's kind of a female version of "The Inbetweeners".

Here's the snip of the show with my song playing in the background:


My 2 new singles "Woman Scorned" and "Backlash Brew" are nearly done and I can't wait to play it to you! I hope they make you feel nostalgic ( "Woman Scorned") and super bad ("Backlash Brew")!  My band is preparing for our biggest, funkiest, chunkiest show of 2013.   Friday the 13th December is a lucky day for everyone joining us at the launch party (@Ding Dong Lounge, Melb CBD).

Brand New Release coming soon....

My next single will be a 7" vinyl release of a heavy funk / James Brown influenced tune (preview in my post below).  As always, I am glad to be working with some of Melbourne's (hence, the world's) most talented musicians - Adam Rudegeair, Nick Karasavvidis, Lucas Taranto, Mikey Chan, and more.  Lotek is helping me produce and mix my songs. These guys give life to my musical ideas and I hope that this song will ring true with all of you soul and funk music lovers out there in the universe!

Stay tuned! Big love!


Backlash is Brewing...

Here's a straight-to-tape instrumental preview/jam of my next single to be printed on vinyl.  The song is  dedicated to all my soulsters who feel the same love for our sweet soul music as I do... We will still keep making and supporting this funky music irrespective of music industry trends.

I can hardly wait to make it available for you all on shiny wax!!!

Brand New Track! Hot from the oven :)

Following the well-received double-A side vinyl release of "Moody Blues"/"The Liberating Kind" (you might have heard these songs on Triple J, PBS, Triple R, etc), Florelie Escano is back with a new single, "I Won't Say Goodbye". It is an upbeat, swinging soul tune with a big band sound that will get your fingers snapping and toes tapping. 

All the instruments used were acoustic instruments: Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Saxes, Trombone and Trumpet :)

Saved Our Souls @ The Abbottsford Convent!

This pic was taken at the Soul-A-Go-Go March Band Special.  Other bands on the bill were 2 of Melbourne's best - Cookin' On 3 Burners and Deep Street Soul!  I love that PBS truly supports the sweet soul music.  It was held in the afternoon so we had young and young-at-hearts alike.  Many thanks to all that came for a right boogie :)

flo band pbs soul a go go.jpg